Loan Products

At Bank of Central Florida, we recognize that each business is unique. Whether you’re expanding your business, financing accounts receivable, purchasing new equipment or building a new office, our experienced commercial banking team will work with you to tailor a loan that fits your short or long-term needs.  For more information, please contact a Commercial Banker to discuss loan solutions that best meet your business and financial goals.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial real estate loans allow you to purchase, build, renovate or expand both owner-occupied and non-owner occupied properties. Our fixed and floating rate loans allow for either short-term or long-term financing options.

Construction Loans

If you are a builder, developer or investor, we understand the complex nature of this business. We offer both commercial and residential construction financing to fit your project needs. Financing options are also available for conversion to permanent financing upon completion of construction.

Term Loans

Obtain a term loan to purchase equipment, for leasehold improvements or business acquisitions. These loans, either fixed or variable rate, allow you to run your business more efficiently.

Revolving Lines of Credit

Obtain a working capital line of credit to serve as your company's primary source of credit for daily cash flow needs. We recognize that your company needs the ability to take advantage of trade discounts, expedite inventory purchases and manage cash flow effectively. A line of credit provides your company with available resources to make those financial decisions.

Equipment Financing

In today’s world of increasing technology, efficiency is critical. The need to upgrade equipment to improve the efficiency and profitability of your company is perpetual. We understand that need and can meet your objectives with a variety of fixed and variable rate term loans.

Specialty Practice Loans for Professionals

At Bank of Central Florida, we understand the complexities of a professional practice and can tailor a lending solution toward your goals.

Letters of Credit

Occasionally a vendor for your business may require a letter of credit to guarantee payment or create a security deposit for items such as utilities. A letter of credit can be used to conserve cash ordinarily used for security deposits. The letter of credit is subject to fee-based pricing and is secured by a certificate of deposit, cash or marketable securities.


All loans are subject to normal credit approval procedures and credit standards.