“We were raised the old school way; we treat people how we would want to be treated.” David Goodwald states this on behalf of himself and his brother Daniel Goodwald. David and Daniel are co-owners and operators of Twin Diesel Performance, a local diesel engine repair shop in Lakeland, FL. 

Daniel and David Goodwald understand the intricacies of routine maintenance and repair on Diesel engines, having started learning at the ages of 14 and 16, respectively. Their journey into the diesel business began at a remarkably young age and through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to honesty. Both brothers had learned firsthand experience working on Diesel engines after buying a used diesel truck in their teen years and grew to learn more as they began doing repairs for neighbors and expanding their expertise. 

As they got older, David continued learning the trade by working at different shops doing diesel repairs and climbing the ladder. Daniel on the other hand joined the Air Force, and while this was a step away from diesel engine repairs, Daniel would work with David on house calls when he was on leave, they would go directly to people's homes, fixing their cars in their driveways—a testament to their commitment to their clients. In 2014, Daniel was discharged from the Air Force and joined his brother, in his side business of home visit repairs, working after their normal work hours well into the night. They both worked hard and got a name for themselves, with David even being approached by some different places to be their diesel specialist. David ended up going to wholesale for a few months and would come to help Daniel with the side jobs, working well into the night, sometimes up until 2 am. Eventually, after getting overwhelmed with the daily and nightly work, both brothers began to work on the engine repairs for a while. 

In 2015 the brothers worked together and founded Twin Diesel Performance, forming a strong team with over 25 years of combined experience. Growing up in a successful family, the brothers emphasize the importance of honesty instilled by their uncle. Every member of their family played a role in building their success, and their uncle's parting words about honesty left an indelible mark on them. “Our Uncle raised us, and it's one of the reasons why honesty means so much, one of the last things he told me and my brother was outside our bay door. He told us for the seventh time in our lives how much he loved us, for the ninth time in our life how proud he was of us, and at the end of the conversation he told us that we only have two things that are truly valuable in this world; our word and our faith. The second our word is gone, you’re left with nothing.” Daniel explained.

Being honest and keeping your word true are both standards that these brothers hold themselves to, along with those they do business with. With this mentality and passion, they’ve been able to grow their business each year and connect with different people across the community. One afternoon, David was talking with one of their clients, Keith Holland, who introduced them to James Garner. “We had a couple of touch-and-go's with Mr. James, and when we finally met he pulled up in his Chevy Pickup Truck,” David informed, “now a lot of people judge people on what they pull up in, but for me, it’s about the first five seconds I meet somebody. It’s how they present themselves when I shake their hand, it’s if they look me in the eye, how they engage in that first minute of conversation,” David explained. “With James explaining who he is, what he’s about, and why he does what he does and the way he looks at things, pushing forward for his clients on top of his honesty, it yokes no different from how we do our business.” David stated. This alignment of values ultimately led the brothers to work with James and Bank of Central Florida, “there are two secret weapons for a successful business, the man doing your banking, and the man doing your accounting,” Daniel added.

David and Daniel agreed, “James is a direct reflection of your institution, and the way he presents himself is a class act, it’s the honest truth.” The commitment, honesty, and hospitality that James provides don’t stop with him, “Every time we have walked through your doors, especially the plant city office, they have shown chivalry asking how we’re doing, if there’s anything they can get us if we’re comfortable.” David informed, “Look, you don’t get that at other banks. You guys are personable, very respectful, and professional is an understatement.”

Daniel and David's journey is a testament to the power of hard work, family values, and unwavering honesty. Their success in the diesel repair industry, coupled with a strong partnership with the Bank of Central Florida, showcases the importance of trustworthy relationships in business. As they continue to grow and thrive, the brothers remain committed to the principles that have guided them from the very beginning—simple guys with a profound love for working on diesel trucks and an unwavering dedication to honesty.

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