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Business FAQs


Business Checking

How much are your Cashier's Checks?

Bank of Central Florida offers cashier's checks for $10. Contact your Relationship Manager or one of our local offices for assistance.

How do I re-order business checks?

To re-order business checks, please contact your Professional Relationship Manager or your local office to place an order.


Online Banking

I'm having difficulty logging into Online Banking, can you assist?

Your account may be inactive or locked. Call our Treasury Support team at (863) 578-3650.

How do I place a stop payment?

If you are a user of our business online banking, the check can be stopped via stop payment under Account Service. Select Stop Payment and then select the account number, check number, reason, amount, and payee. Then click continue. Verify the information and then submit the request.

Where can I see the exceptions to decisions on Positive Pay?

  1. From the Main Page, click the exception option which is on the upper right hand corner of the website.
  2. Select Account Services – Positive Pay or ACH Positive Pay and it will if you have items to be decision.

How do we view/pull account statements from the website?

Click on Reports –Statements and documents – select the account, click continue and then select the documents date and download selected documents. The system will open the document as Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Mobile Banking

I'm having trouble logging into the Mobile App.

Make sure that your ID is not locked out or Inactive. Login first on the web browser to check that your Id is Active and and that you have access. If you are still unable to login, please contact Treasury Management to check if the profile has access to the mobile banking service.

How can I setup my mobile number to receive notifications?

User(s) can add and/or update "use with alerts" option on the telephone section of the Personal Preferences under Self Administration page.



I can't see the ACH item(s) that were just submitted, can you help me with that?

Yes, to view the ACH batch/item(s) submitted, you need to go to the History tab of the ACH module and provided the search criteria and generate report to view submitted item(s).

Where do I approve the ACH that was just entered by my colleague?

Pending approval can be found under Money Movement – Scheduled Requests and then Transaction tab to see the item for approval.

Where can I look to see who processed the wire/ACH item?

If you have administrator access, you should be able to see all user activities under Administration – Self Administration – User Activity Report. If non-admin user, you still be able to see your activities within the online banking platform.

How can I cancel a bill pay that I have submitted?

A Bill Pay user does not have access to cancel an item within the application. The user will need to contact Treasury Management at (863) 578-3650.

Where can I check if my issue file has been completed?

Account Services – Positive Pay – Import Issues – click "View the status of files imported in the last 40 calendar days".

What is my daily limit for Wire or ACH?

A user should be able to see the daily limit setup on their access under the Module (wire or ACH) on the upper right hand side of the page – click "View your ACH/Wire Limit".

Can I cancel an ACH that was recently transmitted?

Treasury Management Support will be able to submit an ACH reversal request. Call (863) 578-3650 for support.

Can I request a reversal of a processed ACH item?

Yes, Treasury Management Support will be able to submit reversal request items that have been made within 5 business days of the effective date as part of the NACHA rule guide. The reversal must be approved by the receiving bank to be processed.

Can I deposit a cashier's check via Express Deposit?

Yes, cashier's check can be deposited via Express Deposit.

Can we process a non-US check via Express Deposit?

Unfortunately, only US checks can be processed via Express Deposit system.


If you have any further questions, please contact your Relationship Manager or contact us.