Launching a business on the eve of a global pandemic could be an insurmountable hurdle for many. Yet, for Josh and his team at SERVPRO, a franchise that specializes in disaster restoration using commercial-grade equipment for cleanup and construction, this daunting timing turned into an unexpected opportunity. When the pandemic struck, rather than slowing down, they pivoted their operations to address the immediate needs of their community. This strategic shift didn't just keep their business alive; it propelled significant growth. From a modest team of four, SERVPRO has surged to an impressive roster of fifty employees and has expanded its reach to seven franchises. "It's been a whirlwind," Josh reflects on their remarkable journey.

Central to SERVPRO's success has been their partnership with Bank of Central Florida and the invaluable support from Leah Pearson, their Relationship Manager. The support from a financial institution that was ready to back their ambitious plans was pivotal. "We couldn't have grown without the bank," Josh often says. When the need for additional cash, vehicles, and equipment emerged, Bank of Central Florida stepped forward, establishing a foundational relationship that extended beyond mere business transactions.

This partnership has flourished into a relationship rooted in personal connection and mutual support. Josh values the bank’s early belief in SERVPRO’s potential, which has been crucial in their expansion. As the partnership matured, Leah became instrumental in providing continuous guidance and support.

Characterized by mutual respect and a shared vision for future achievements, the interactions between SERVPRO and the bank have always been more than transactional. Josh notes the exceptional level of personalized care they receive, "Every time we've walked through your doors... they've shown us how much they care, asking how we're doing, if there's anything they can get us," highlighting the exceptional service that sets the bank apart.

As SERVPRO looks to the future, their trajectory for growth remains steep, guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, community service, and strong banking relationships. The direct involvement of Leah Pearson adds a personal dimension to this thriving partnership, enhancing communication and further supporting SERVPRO's goals.

The path forward in business is fraught with challenges, yet with steadfast partners like Bank of Central Florida, coupled with hard work and perhaps a touch of fortune, the potential for success is boundless. The journey of SERVPRO, bolstered by an enduring partnership with the Bank of Central Florida, serves as a compelling narrative of how visionary enterprises, supported by committed partners, can reach extraordinary heights.