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When you face challenges, your bank’s by your side.

During the pandemic, Wilson Diamond Brokers needed a PPP loan.

Wilson Diamond Brokers is a family-owned local business in Lakeland. The company has been operating since 1977 and is proud to source the finest materials and loose diamonds, specializing in expertly-crafted jewelry.

Despite a loyal following, Wilson Diamond Brokers faced obstacles during the pandemic. Expenses were high. Like many small businesses, the company needed help managing their business banking to stay afloat despite a global lockdown.

Their previous bank delayed providing PPP loans, but Jonathan Wilson knew that the money was essential. He called longtime friend and Bank of Central Florida Relationship Manager, Kim Knaisch.

Bank of Central Florida offered PPP relief to Wilson Diamond Brokers almost immediately, and enabled Wilson Diamond Brokers to continue supporting the people that mattered most: their employees. 

With a PPP loan, Wilson Diamond Brokers continued to pay staff even amidst a challenging and unpredictable market.

After receiving the loan, Jonathan Wilson moved the rest of his business over to Bank of Central Florida – including his startup, Everyday Outdoors.

Business owners need personalized financial recovery strategies. They need advice on moving forward. They need money to keep their businesses thriving.

Stability goes a long way. When you know your bank has your back, you can always feel secure – even during impossible circumstances.