Kevin Caldwell and Lauren Fernandez, our Tampa Bay Market Executive.

In 2021, Kevin Caldwell formed Golden Road Advisors. He saw a need for holistic financial planning; he wanted to help people get on track with their finances and set them on a clear path.

Kevin opened Golden Road because he had the skills and technology to help others with their finances, as he’d been working with large financial planning companies his whole career.

When he decided to leave the corporate approach and carve his own path, he needed a bank that could help him launch and sustain his business. Kevin’s financial planning knowledge gave him the expertise of owning a business… but not yet operating one. “When I started my business, I didn’t know what my needs would be,” he said. “I just needed security, and trust that people could help when I needed it.”

Golden Road is a local business. In our interview, Kevin reflected on the need for a bank that would understand the hyper-locality of his organization. “I needed a bank that is rooted in its community, because I knew it would be directly beneficial to everyone involved,” Kevin said. “Bank of Central Florida is community-minded. It exists to help people, and it really focuses on its clients.”

When Kevin thinks about the most valuable resource Bank of Central Florida offers, he notes the one-on-one service he’s been able to receive.  “It’s so helpful to really have a relationship with leadership. I know the Bank of Central Florida staff will always be honest with me because they have a sense of integrity.”

Kevin told us a story about a time he was having trouble using direct payments through ACH. He emailed Miranda Pedersen for help. “She got back to me within 30 minutes,” he says. He described how Miranda walked him through the process: “Not only did she respond quickly, but she taught me exactly how to navigate this issue. After that phone call, I felt confident moving forward and I haven’t had an issue since.”

Golden Road’s success relies on its relationship with clients. If its bank isn’t in-touch, the business will falter. “I can help my clients better because my business banks with Bank of Central Florida.”

“I feel confident referring my clients to Bank of Central Florida for their banking needs,” said Kevin. “I tell them it’s a banking relationship where you always feel supported and safe.”