“When I think about the past 15 years at Bank of Central Florida, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Since our opening day in 2007, Senior Commercial Banking Team Leader Randy Hollen has served our clients with dedication and consistency.

He values the long-term relationships he’s been able to cultivate over the years. “I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of Bank of Central Florida going from zero to one billion in assets…’” says Randy. “...and the best part? I have clients that are friends.”

The dedication to client experience is why Randy believes the bank has been so successful all these years. He notes our team’s dedication to finding solutions for clients, evolving and adapting to suit their needs.

“If the last fifteen years has taught us anything, it is that resilience and committing to a set of core values are critical. Since opening in 2007, we’ve faced unique issues – from a material recession to the varying impacts of COVID-19. Yet through it all, we’ve added clients and grown to where we are now.  That resilience and commitment are foundational to our culture and are the daily catalyst for our employees to deliver for our clients.”

Randy believes an entrepreneurial spirit has existed in the bank since day one.  The original Bank of Central Florida team joined together, hailing from different institutions, and were looking to make more meaningful impact within their roles. “When we opened, we just had to figure it out. Because of that, our team became the decision-makers. We had the opportunity to make decisions and implement systems that made sense for us and our clients.”

Over the years, Randy played a key role in developing the bank’s culture, backed by a commitment to doing the right thing. He embraced and promoted an entrepreneurial spirit, and watched the Bank of Central Florida team flourish as a result.

Throughout the process, Randy led dozens of employees to grow in their roles. Today, he continues to encourage his team to do their homework, become masters of their craft, and independently solve problems.

“A lot has changed since we opened, and I’ve been so fortunate to have participated in it all,” said Randy. “To me, Propelling Forward Together represents our ability to adapt. I’ve learned that, when things change — and when we change — better outcomes are the result.”