Linda Harkins is our Vice President of Treasury Management. She joined our team in May 2011, and has been with us for 11 years. When asked why she’s stuck around so long, she says, 

“I get up every morning and look forward to coming to work.”

Linda assists clients with understanding their cash flow, taking care of their banking needs and assisting their business growth. She works closely with businesses to determine the best treasury services for them as they grow.

Bank of Central Florida leadership gives staff the freedom to really get to know clients. Because of this, Linda has developed a unique way of relating with them: she views herself as an educator rather than a salesperson. Linda takes the time to sit down with clients and instill knowledge about how our robust treasury service offerings can help their business.

“Knowing that I make a difference to my clients – that makes me feel accomplished,” she said. “I really value helping them understand the banking process, and making sure they know I’m here for whatever they need.”

Linda also mentioned the culture of work. “There’s really a sense of belonging internally at Bank of Central Florida,” Linda said. “People’s feelings matter here, and we’re always working as a team to make things better.”

She noted in particular our leadership’s generosity during times of need – from providing hotel rooms and gas cards for those affected by hurricanes, to the $2,500 raise awarded to all employees this year.

We’re appreciative of the longtime commitment Linda has given Bank of Central Florida. Her consistent support has made #15YearsInMotion possible.

Linda said, “To me, Propelling Forward Together simply means working together toward the same goal – not only as a company, as a community, with our clients.”