Willie Aceves started working as a laborer at a young age: pulling concrete, helping carpenters, and doing whatever needed to be done on large construction projects. He continued training and working his way up until he became a superintendent of his company at only 21 years old. Working seven days a week, Willie began building his own crew. He developed a passion for training and promoting other employees, and became General Superintendent by 29. When his family began to grow, he wanted to be closer to his extended family and began working at Tiger Concrete & Screed.  

Tiger Concrete & Screed already had banked with us at Bank of Central Florida which resulted in Willie’s introduction to our bank. We were welcomed with open arms into the business community,” Willie said. By 2010, he acquired the company. 

Over the years, Bank of Central Florida has assisted Tiger Concrete & Screed with a mortgage for their building, construction loans and assistance with acquiring a new fleet. With these tools, Tiger Concrete & Screed has worked on some of the most recognizable buildings across Lakeland: like Amazon Distribution Centers, Publix Distribution Centers, Florida United Methodist Conference Center and more. 

Alfredo Aceves, Willie’s brother and the business’ Field Operations Manager, has been instrumental in the success of Tiger Concrete & Screed. He works as a direct line from the field to the office, ensuring the success of every job. Tiger Concrete & Screed embodies growth, as Sheylla Aceves, Willie’s daughter and the business’ General Council and VP of Operations, testifies to how much the business has grown and changed. “We didn’t come from money— we used to share a trailer,” she reflects. Bank of Central Florida has helped us understand our financial situation and grow exponentially.” 

She continued: “The whole reason we’ve been able to get where we are is because of Bank of Central Florida,” Willie said. “You can’t go anywhere else and expect the same treatment. 

Because the business has seen so much success, Willie and Sheylla are able to plan for the future. “We want this company to last through the next generation. We always strive for high quality work, and we pay our people well.” 

View Tiger Concrete and Screed’s operations online at https://www.tigerconcreteusa.com/