John Bragg and Marc Hazell founded HDPE, Inc. in December of 2007. HDPE fabricates custom specialty HDPE products for projects of all sizes and scopes. “When we started the business, I understood finance, but I didn’t understand cash flow,” John said. “We made $2M in our first year. It was a great start, but we were also investing a lot with hiring people and buying equipment.”


John had to navigate their finances and banking on top of obtaining the right equipment, hiring factory-trained technicians and starting a business from the ground up. 


Shortly after launching his business, John met Joe Furnari and decided to open an account. He got a checking account, a factoring line, and eventually opened up a line of credit. His business began growing rapidly as he worked closely with Joe to make sure his banking needs were met. 


When Joe moved over to Bank of Central Florida in 2010, John moved with him. “Joe just makes it easy,” John said. “It’s valuable to know that, when you walk into your bank, you’ve got someone to talk to.” 


As John’s business grew, his personal and professional goals grew, too. Joe helped in the process for John to obtain property, build a new house, and buy a boat. “He sat down with me to start the process, and was honest with me,” John said. “The team at Bank of Central Florida will have a true conversation with you about your finances and what products and services are the best fit.”


John also spoke with us about the efficient service he’s received from the rest of the BOCF team. “When I was in Italy, I logged into our Business Mobile Banking App every day to check in on things,” he recalled. “I called my Relationship Manager for advice on my card when traveling abroad, and I downloaded SecurLock to make sure everything stayed safe.”


In 15 years, HDPE has brought 70 employees onboard and now does business across the nation with locations in Florida and North Carolina.

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