Matt Wade owns Day and Night Tires, a family business that services tire retreading. Located in Lakeland, Florida, Matt works with distributors across the nation to retread and sell new tires for major truck fleets.


Day and Night Tires has been carried on through Matt’s family for over four generations. Matt’s grandfather started the business in 1966, and his father got involved in the 1970s. Throughout those years, Day and Night worked with local retail businesses. 


After Matt started working at Day and Night in high school, the business pivoted from retail to commercial truck tires. Now, Matt’s been involved for 35 years helping businesses across the country obtain affordable retreaded tires. 


Tire retreading replaces the worn tread on used tires with new tread. It’s especially important for commercial fleets that transport vehicles nationwide. Retreading is a cheaper alternative to getting new tires, as large truck fleets go through tires quickly. Matt informed us that larger Amazon vehicles only last about 10,000-12,000 miles before they need to be replaced or retreaded. 


Since Matt joined the team, Day and Night has expanded substantially, and today it retreads tires for massive operations like US Postal Service and Amazon. “We retread about 600 tires a day,” Matt said, estimating that Day and Night Tires is one of the largest single tire retreading plants in Florida. 

“Our top priority was trying to find a local bank that could give us what we needed with flexibility,” Matt said. “We wanted something where we could make one phone call, and we could get the ball rolling. We wanted a bank that’s close to us and easy to reach, where we know who we’re calling.” This speedy service has led Matt to not only bring his business banking to Bank of Central Florida, but his personal banking as well. 


Over the last five years, Day and Night Tires have worked with Bank of Central Florida to get loans for 7,500 square feet of real estate as well as two new buildings. 


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