In the world of business, the saying "success is all about people helping people" holds truer than ever. Derrick Roberts, the owner of Stan Weaver and Company, knows this firsthand. Stan Weaver and Company is a manufacturers rep for heating and air conditioning for the HVAC industry. “We sell the equipment to the mechanical contractor who installs it that day,” Derrick explained. Derrick’s journey from a young, ambitious newcomer to the HVAC industry up to being a proud owner of a thriving business is a testament to the power of collaboration and trust.

"Our success is about our people," Derrick emphasized. "It's all about people helping people. I have a tremendous team and they get out and spread the word and talk about, you know, our company and what we offer as a service. People buy things not because of the cheap price of the product, but because it's the service that you give, knowing that we'll be there at the end of the day."

Over the years that Derricks has grown with Stan Weaver and Company, he’s seen a large growth in both the company, and the scale of his team; “We now have employed over 125 employees. When I started, the company was less than $1 million in sales, and now we do about $150 million in sales.” Derrick attributes this successful growth to his people, and the hard work and effort they put in every day.

Derrick's perspective on the value of relationships extends beyond his company's operations. He recognizes the significance of the partnerships that Stan Weaver and Company have formed, particularly with the Bank of Central Florida. "People can borrow money from any bank in the world, and it's still the same dollar you borrow. No matter where that dollar comes from, it's the people that loan you that money that understand what you need," Derrick explained. "That's why we choose to bank with a community bank like the Bank of Central Florida. They listen to us and work within our needs.”

Derrick’s relationship with Bank of Central Florida’s banking team thrives on the trust and communication provided; “What I like Bank of Central Florida is we can communicate with them via a phone call if we want. For the older guys like me, the old school, or our younger people who enjoy getting on the computer and doing everything with email.”

"I love Bank of Central Florida because of the people there," Derrick expressed. "It's all about people. They get that, and that's our motto - people helping people. Bank of Central Florida understands that and supports us every step of the way."

The decision to work with a community bank like the Bank of Central Florida wasn't taken lightly. Derrick had previously experienced the limitations of a larger bank that couldn't accommodate his unique needs. It was the personal touch and the willingness to adapt to Stan Weaver and Company's evolving requirements that drew him to the Bank of Central Florida.

Stan Weaver and Company is a testament to the power of relationships and the impact they can have on a business's success. Derrick Roberts continues to pay forward the trust and opportunities he received from Stan Weaver, ensuring that the next generation of employees gets the same chance to grow and thrive.

Derrick further explained his growth and where his passion for his people came from; “It started with Stan. We were a company in 1989, and Stan Weaver believed in me and gave me an opportunity. He gave a 29-year-old cocky kid from North Carolina the opportunity to come down and show them how to run a company. He believed in me and gave me an opportunity to grow inside the company and I was fortunate enough in 2004 to buy Stan Weaver and Company from Stan. He showed me what is about to be in a partnership, to trust your people, to believe in your people and give them an opportunity. I hope that our team feels the same way I do about that today.”

Derrick's daily motivation is clear: "I go to work every day because I enjoy it. I'm giving our young kids in our company the same opportunity that Stan gave me to grow and better their lives."

In a world where success is often measured in dollars and cents, Derrick Roberts and Stan Weaver and Company remind us that the real currency of business is the people and the relationships that drive it forward.