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How Cashier's Checks Can Benefit Your Business Transactions

A cashier's check is a safe and reliable payment method issued by banks or credit unions. Unlike personal checks, the bank backs it with its own funds, ensuring the recipient of payment. This makes it a preferred choice for large transactions.

Holiday Special: Why We're Grateful for Central Florida's Vibrant Business Community

Join us in celebrating the remarkable entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries who have transformed Central Florida into an economic powerhouse. With their relentless dedication, they have fostered growth and built a brighter future for us all. Let's appreciate the outstanding Central Florida business community and its significance this holiday season.

Keychains, Mugs, and More: How an Orlando Business Has Grown to Reach the World

Starting a business from scratch can indeed be a complex and challenging endeavor, particularly when aspiring to expand internationally. As the business's growth progresses, laying a strong financial foundation becomes increasingly vital. Now, let's explore the remarkable and inspiring journey of Mary Neaf, the founder, owner, and president of Florida State Distributors, as she fearlessly pushes the boundaries of her enterprise and embarks on a courageous journey to conquer global markets.

Stan Weaver and Company: A Story of People Helping People

In the world of business, the saying "success is all about people helping people" holds truer than ever. Derrick Roberts, the owner of Stan Weaver and Company, knows this firsthand. Stan Weaver and Company is a manufacturers rep for heating and air conditioning for the HVAC industry.

How Bank of Central Florida got the Tire Rolling for This Local Business

Matt Wade owns Day and Night Tires, a family business that services tire retreading. Located in Lakeland, Florida, Matt works with distributors across the nation to retread and sell new tires for major truck fleets. Since Matt joined their team, Day and Night has expanded substantially. Read more on how Matt grew their company and how Bank of Central Florida helped.

Building a Quality Life, and a Quality Business: How a Lakeland Local Grew into Being a Business Owner.

Tiger Concrete & Screed has seen rapid growth and success over the past decade. Read the story of how its Owner and President, Willie Aceves got started – and how he’s worked with Bank of Central Florida to finance his business’ success on our blog.

From Teacher to Business Owner: How We Helped a Lakeland Local Bring Her Business to Life

"When the opportunity presented itself, it just seemed like the next piece to the puzzle," stated Margaret Krause, local Lakeland business owner of the recently opened Monkee's boutique. Monkee's is a nationally franchised boutique that sells high-quality clothing and accessories. 

From teacher to entrepreneur, read more about Margaret’s journey into becoming a local business owner.

Pivoting with Business Owner Drew Barthle

Entrepreneurs often face a variety of challenges and pivots in their journey building a business. Drew Barthle, owner of A1 CDL, has kept a growth mindset when facing all his new business challenges.

More than ten years ago, Drew Barthle was running a mortgage firm. When the recession hit, he decided to pivot.

Steps to Obtaining an SBA Loan

Getting a small business loan may be the next natural step in financing the growth of your business — whether that includes expansion, inventory, or other options. To get from point “A” to point “B”, there are several steps that must be taken to ensure you obtain the best loan for your needs. 

Bank of Central Florida Propels Forward to Fill the Gap

When was the last time you saw your banker, aka relationship manager? Most business owners don't remember the last time they spoke with their relationship manager: no phone calls, no emails, and no check-ins to facilitate essential business goal planning. At Bank of Central Florida, we see a gap between local business owners receiving guidance from banking professionals in the community. As the population increases in Florida, Business owners could significantly benefit from having a local relationship manager that knows their local marketplace.

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