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Catapult opened an account with Bank of Central Florida in 2013. Since then, they’ve grown from a small business in a basement to a 40,000 square foot entrepreneurial center in the heart of Lakeland.

Q: How and when did Catapult get involved with Bank of Central Florida?

Christin: Catapult has been banking with Bank of Central Florida since we first opened an account in 2013. We were a small business, and we wanted a local bank that could understand our perspective. It seemed like there was a lot of alignment between our two companies.

Q: What special projects has our team been able to help Catapult with? 

Christin: Bank of Central Florida has provided all of the services that we have needed to grow from a small business in a basement with 20 members and a budget of $145,000. Today, we have a 38,000 sq foot facility, 230 members and $13 million.

Q: Catapult works with Jennifer Adams quite a bit. How has that been for you?

Christin: Jen and her team have always been extremely responsive. Every time we need something or have a question, we know we can pick up the phone and give her a call. 

We had one instance where the team was extremely helpful. When we got over the $250,000 mark, they helped us move to Insured Deposit Sweep accounts to make everything better for us.

Q: What are some projects with Catapult that you’re excited to complete over the next year (that aren’t top secret)? 

Christin: One thing that we are really excited about moving into the new year, is that we are finding new ways to provide individualized help to our startup founders, specifically. We are building out programs by bringing people on to our team who are experts in their field. 

Tim Cox — a branding expert — came on staff and has been working one-on-one with members. Moving forward, we are planning to expand this program into other industries like finance, so that entrepreneurs can get answers to their specific questions and strategically plan for growth in Lakeland.